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128GB M.2 (PCIe Gen 3 x4 ) NVMe SSD Solid State Drive Samsung Kioxia SK Hynix

128GB M.2 (PCIe Gen 3 x4 ) NVMe SSD Solid State Drive Samsung Kioxia SK Hynix

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These SSDs are taken out of working PCs which has been upgraded from reputable brands like Dell, Lenovo or HP

These SSDs M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4. Much faster (often 2 to 5 times ) than SATA SSDs.

As NVMe can come in different lengths, 2230, 2242, 2260 and 2280. Then last two number represents the length in mm, please check this is the right length. The length is written in the profile picture. 
For the capacity (size in GB) please see tittle and pictures. Specified size is what's written on the SSD by manufacturers but usable space will be less.

As it is likely that branded manufacturers will manufacture better quality and more reliable SSDs.
To see which brands are included please check listing pictures. We will only include within specified brands so buy with confidence. 

If you are after a particular brand please ask before purchasing. Here are the common brands overview: 

Samsung: Doesn't need introduction, one of the major memory chip manufacturers. Known by almost everyone 

SK Hynix: Probably not known to non-techy person but a big player in memory market. They even supply memory chips to tech giant like Apple. Apple only uses the best for their devices 

Micron: As Hynix above, probably not know to non- techy people but very well known in tech community, they focus on business to business chip supplies. Dell, Lenovo and HP are one of the few customers.

SanDisk: Well know memory chip manufacturer/supplier, known to even non-tech people due to them selling consumer grade stuff like memory card and USB flash drive.

Kioxia (Toshiba): The name Toshiba is well known but not Kioxia. They are the same company and is one of the major memory manufacturers and is in forefront of bringing new tech. Most Dell PCs use Kioxia memories.

We test SSD using SSD Sentinal and Crystal Disk Info. We don't sell SSD with error or ant SSD health falling below 90%.  Please note that if your SSD is not appearing in the system, watch our SSD initiation guide in our YouTube channel. Or simply just message us we will assist you.

We test our SSDs under camera to prevent false claim and fraud. Also to ensure you receive a working SSD. Unless specified SSDs do not come with warranty but however for your peace of mind you have 14 days from receipt to try all features fully and report any fault. 

We are obliged to post items within 3 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays) but in reality we do sooner. If you are in hurry however check estimated delivery time.

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