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Dell OptiPlex 5000 ■ Intel i7 12th Gen 12700T ■ 16GB 512GB Gen 4 M.2 SSD ■ WiFi

Dell OptiPlex 5000 ■ Intel i7 12th Gen 12700T ■ 16GB 512GB Gen 4 M.2 SSD ■ WiFi

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Welcome to the listing for one of Dells latest and greatest micro machine, incredibly powerful and efficient and portable. 

This listing is for 1 unit of the PC detailed below. These PCs are unused and were pristine at the time of stocking. However, since they are stocked without box, some dust and very slight sign of use may be present.

If you are picky about the condition do let us know before purchase so we can confirm if you get a new looking one.

If you wish to customize this by adding or removing parts, feel free to message me, we have the best response time. Prices can be reduced or increased accordingly.

If you are buying for clients or your own organization in quantities, do check with us for up to 20% discount.  You are free to ask as many questions as you like before or after the purchase, please take advantage of super-fast response time.



The listing is for 

1x PC 

1x Factory supplied PSU.

No monitor, keyboard, mouse, cable, or any other accessory included. Item will come on generic packaging.



Pricing is generally fixed, but we are open to offers. You can look through our listing or visit our website to look for discounted models or the same PC or cheaper alternative. Message us if you want to make an offer. 90% of the time we offer some sort of discount.


Powerful processor that will purge through school, college, office work or up to 4k multimedia consumption, can even do light editing. Since the 10th Gen on Micro PC segment is relatively new, these are better investments for the long run and top class experience for yourself or the person you are buying these for:

Please note that this processor has both Performance and Efficiency cores, providing you best of both world, power when needed, save on energy bill when needed.

CPU- Intel i7 12700T

Performance Cores- 8

Efficiency Cores: 4

Threads â€“ 20

Base clock speed ( all cores can run at) - 1.40 GHz  (Performance cores) 1.0 Ghz (efficiency cores)

Turbo boost: 3.80GHz 

GPU: Intel UHD Graphics 730




These machines come with fresh Windows 10 Pro pre -installed. These are also compatible with Windows 11 Pro and can be installed on request. Should you choose Windows 11 Pro, do expect little bugs as this is a relatively new OS. Also I make every effort to put the latest Windows version installed but occasionally may not have the latest drivers installed. So do run the PC through a full update for best performance.

Device will have software that comes with Windows and may have Windows transfer software, just remove it if you wish.



Included memory is plenty good for basic day to day activities and multi tasking. 

Memory Type: 260 Pin SODIMM

Number of slots:  2

Speed:  3200mhz

Size (in GB):  Please see picture.

Upgrade options: 32 or 64GB



These machines have SSD that are up to 10x faster than HDD and 4-8 times faster than SATA SSDs. These offer rapid boot up, don't have to wait around for them to load. Applications also load faster and data transfer is faster. In terms of stability these are better choices than HDD.

Please note that these machines come with Gen 4 SSD installed which offers up to 7500mbps which is twice the speed as to Gen 3 SSD (3500mbps) which are currently common.

Size (in GB) - Check profile picture, usable space will be lower than advertised space due to system and manufacturer reserved spaces.

Type-M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe 4 x 4 (Gen 4)

Total Slots: 2 (1 SSD PCIe 4 x 4 and 1 2.5 Inch SATA SSD slot)

Slot empty: 1 (1x  2.5 inch caddy)


1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port with PowerShare
1 USB 3.2 Gen 2x1 Type-C® port
1 Universal audio jack

1 RJ45 Ethernet port
1 USB 3.2 Gen 1 port with Smart Power On
3 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports
2 DisplayPort 1.4 (HBR2)
1 Power adapter port

Some models have additional HDMI or VGA port, please check profile picture.  

Wireless capability:

Check listing pictures if there's no mention of WiFi and Bluetooth then device doesn't come preinstalled. If you are interested, please message for wireless model or quote for installation.



This machine is guaranteed to work at advertised settings. These devices are dispatched using two tier testing systems to ensure they are in working order. Last test is done just before packaging for dispatch under camera. So you are guaranteed to receive a working model. If your device turned up damaged please take plenty of pictures and save packaging as we always send  our delivery insured.

Good news is that most of these devices are still under Dell warranty, check profile picture, if there's no mention then it probably doesn't. Current common practice is that Dell repairs devices without you being the registered owner. Provide them with the service tag and they will do onsite or pickup repair.  This is just a useful mention and future warranty is not part of sale. Prices are therefore reduced accordingly. Devices bought directly from Dell will cost you anywhere from £1000-1200.



I am obliged to dispatch the item by 3 BUSINESS days according to eBay but in practice tend to do it the next day or day after if not the same day. If you are in tremendous hurry I may be able to do the next day's delivery, but don't forget to ask before buying.

I do secure packaging so damage in transit is almost non-existent but since my deliveries are insured by Royal Mail, if the items turn up damaged, take plenty of pictures showing the damage and tracking as well as save the packaging.
 It is important that you take pictures and save packaging in case of damage, failure to do so may result in refund not offered. 


Pickup can be arranged from the London NW1 1TS area or SW3 6NP area please contact for location and time. Please respect my availability. Please note that you won't be able to test devices on pickup.


After sale service is not part of the sale but I do help a lot of customers to get things up and running free of charge. We are only human so if something isn't right, please be confident that I will sort out the best solution for you. Please contact me any time, I will help over the phone or WhatsApp when convenient.



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