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DELL LATITUDE 5401 14" LAPTOP Intel i5 9th Gen (45W) 8GB RAM 256GB NVMe SSD GPU

DELL LATITUDE 5401 14" LAPTOP Intel i5 9th Gen (45W) 8GB RAM 256GB NVMe SSD GPU

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This listing is for a Dell Lattitude 5401 Laptop. Dells Latitude line up are business laptops build differently than consumer laptops. Compared to consumer laptops these business laptops are more expensive, reliable, have better built quality and performance.

This laptop is very ell built, slim, with 45W CPU (3x higher than typical 15w notebook processor) dedicated graphics card and has long dell warranty left.


·         45W CPU

·         Dedicated GPU

·         1x USB C charging as well as 3.1 Gen 2 data transfer.

·         3x USB A 3.1 Gen 1

·         Fingerprint scanner

·         Smartcard reader

·         Micro SD card reader

·         Headphone jack

·         HDMI display out

·         Ethernet port


The listing is for 

1x Laptop

1x 130W factory supplied PSU.

No other accessory included. I am happy to help you suggest accessories. Will not come in original box.



Unlike cheaper laptops this is designed very nicely with nice curves and slim side bezels.

These are and will contain visible sign of use. But will not contain cracks, loose part, big dents, or non-working ports.


14 inch 1920x1080p resolution antiglare display. Sharp, vivid, and great colours. Very pleasant to look at. Brightness is adequate to use even for bright indoor settings. No tested in bright outdoors in the sun and would not recommend so either as even 2 grand machines sometimes struggle.


Solid and responsive trackpad with no uneven gap or wobble. Very responsive to both tap and click. Clicking feels natural, not to stiff or not weak and overly sensitive, well calibrated. Keys have ample travel distance making typing experience pleasant. Buttons do not make loud clicky sound like cheap laptops. Keys are backlit for typing at night with adjustable brightness option. Once you get used to gestures its intuitive, you can even avoid clicks and get things done by tapping.



Speaker is loud enough, I find myself using it at 60-70% most of the time while with my ASUS Tuf laptop even at 100% I wish there was more sound. Cranking up to 100% does not distort sound quality by much. Has a HD webcam but microphone quality is not tested and if you need the microphone, please do let me know so I can test. Has Bluetooth built in for wireless accessories.


BIOS battery status: Excellent 

Please also note that this laptop processor is three times more powerful than typical 15W processor and has dedicated GPU therefore battery on normal mode may drain quickly, for longer lasting battery put on best battery mode and disable dedicated GPU if you do not need it.



Equipped with one Intel’s powerful 9th Generation i5 9400H. This is a powerful 45W processor not 15W.

CPU- Intel i5 9400H

Cores- 4

Threads - 8

Base clock speed ( all cores can run at) – 2.5 GHz 

Turbo boost: 4.30 GHz 

Graphics 1: Integrated Intel Ultra HD 630 Graphics

Graphics 2: Dedicated Nvidia MX150

As this is a powerful 45W processor and has a separate GPU, it will cool itself and you may hear the fans. They are not unpleasantly loud but having them engaged means system is working as it is designed.


These machines come with fresh Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. These are also compatible with Windows 11 Pro and can be installed on request. Should you choose Windows 11 Pro, do expect little bugs as this is a relatively new OS. Also I make every effort to  put the latest Windows version installed but occasionally may not have the latest drivers installed. So do run the PC through a full update for best performance. Device will have software that comes with Windows and may have Windows transfer software, just remove it if you wish. Please note that these are ex-corporate machines who sold them off after project ended, so when setting up fresh it will ask for corporate email. Just enter your own email and select local setup. After that machine will be all yours. You can add your own Microsoft account once windows is installed. 



Included memory is plenty good for basic day to day activities and multi-tasking.

Included RAM: 8GB DDR4, soldered in 3733 Mhz.

Upgradable: No



These machines have SSD that are up to 10x faster than HDD and 3-5 times faster than SATA SSDs. These offer rapid boot up, don't have to wait around for them to load. Applications also load faster and data transfer is faster. In terms of stability these are better choices than HDD.

Size - 256GB (usable memory will be less)

Type -M.2 NVMe SSD PCIe 2230

Upgradable: Yes



USB A: 3

USB C: 1

Micro SD Card reader: 1

Smartcard reader: 1

HDMI:  1

WiFi: Dual band WiFi 5 1.7 Gbps 2.4/5Hhz (160 Mhz)

Bluetooth:  5.1



This machine is guaranteed to work at advertised settings. These devices are dispatched using two tier testing systems to ensure they are in working order. Last test is done just before packaging for dispatch under camera. So you are guaranteed to receive a working model. If your device turned up damaged please take plenty of pictures and save packaging as we always send  our delivery insured.

Some of these are still under Dell warranty, check the picture for how long. Warranty is with Dell and you will have to get in touch with them, no product registration is necessary.  Please note that battery isn’t covered under Dell warranty.



I am obliged to dispatch the item by 3 BUSINESS days according to eBay  but in practice tend to do it the next day or day after if not the same day. If you are in tremendous hurry I may be able to do the next day's delivery, but don't forget to ask before buying.

I do secure packaging so damage in transit is almost on-existent but since my deliveries are insured by Royal Mail,  if the items turn up damaged, take plenty of pictures showing the damage and tracking as well as save the packaging.



Pickup can be arranged from the London NW1 1TS area or SW36NP area please contact for location and time. Please respect my availability. Please note that you won't be able to test devices on pickup.



After sale service is not part of the sale but I do help a lot of customers to get things up and running free of charge. We are only humans so  if something isn't right, please be confident that I will sort out the best solution for you. Please contact me any time, I will help over the phone or WhatsApp when convenient.



Please buy in confidence you will get what is described above. Do ask as many questions as you want to make your decision. We do have customers sometimes make assumption about certain features and buy the item. If something is not described above, message to find out more. If its not described above consider it absent.  Please do not buy for test drive or short term project then return. We video record our product testing and dispatch. 

Message us with reason for return and we will work something out, return is free if the item turns up damaged or not as described. Change of mind return available with £15 charge and buyer pays ret

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